My Daily Practice of Putting Myself First

In my last post, I shared how I began my practice of working out. Today, I’d like to share my overall daily practice. I’m at my best when I do everything below each day. Not only do I feel good, but I feel like I’ve made great use of my time. There are occasions where I’m not always as successful as I would like to be. However, I don’t give myself a hard time as long as I perform 3 out of 5 of the following practices.


This is the first thing I do every morning and the last thing I do at night. I set my timer for 21 minutes, 21 because I spend the first minute (or more) fidgeting and trying to get comfortable. In all honesty, I wasn’t as diligent about my meditation in 2017, especially in the evenings. I’ve been making it a priority this year as I see a huge difference in myself, including my sleep, when I take the time to be still. Even 5-10 minutes does wonders for me.


I work out for about an hour in the morning 6 days a week. I alternate each day between running and strength training. I previously practiced yoga but fell off the wagon last year. I’d like to add a 15-20 minute evening practice back into my routine.


I read for about an hour each day and about 3-4 books a month, usually one a week. I don’t own a TV so I tend to do this in the evenings. I also do my best to do so at work during my lunch break. I very rarely eat at my desk. It’s important that I step away and have some time to myself. During the winter, I always find a quiet room, away from everybody else. I head outside to read when the weather is nice and warm.

Gratitude Journal

This is definitely my weakest area. I’ve kept a gratitude journal for years, where I write 5 things I’m grateful for each day. I’d be lying if I said I always write 5 things. Some days have less, some days have more, some days have absolutely nothing.

Personal Development

This involves doing something to challenge myself and to increase my knowledge and skills. For me, this includes reading, learning Spanish, and listening to educational and motivational podcasts or talks on YouTube as I work out. I’m able to kill two birds with one stone when I do that. This year, I’d like to start a side business.

Do you have exercises or practices that keep you centered? If not, what will you start doing?


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